Solar power

Use the renewable energy resources for a more sustainable future of your business.

Smartecon team of professionals will assess, calculate, design and build a solar power plant that meets your business needs.

Invest in solar modules

Reduce costs and save


Solar modules for energy-intensive buildings (apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial facilities, etc.) help reduce the energy costs.

After the installation of this type of solar power plant, there is no need to pay grid, electricity excise or renewable energy charges. There is no fee for direct consumption of electricity produced by your solar plant.

The climatic conditions of Lithuania are suitable for investing in solar energy, and “Smartecon” team of experts will take care of the design, construction, connection and maintenance of your solar power plant. Solar power plant is the best solution for your business.

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Invest in solar power


Solar modules are a profitable investment that ensures a stable cash flow, reduces monthly operating costs and risks arising from constant fluctuations in electricity exchange prices on the free market.

The solar power plant on the roof increases the property’s market value and it is awarded a higher class energy label due to better energy efficiency.

Protect the surrounding environment


The investment in solar modules reduces CO2 emissions by 20 times compared to electricity produced from coal.

We aim to maximize the use of solar energy and reduce our ecological footprint, so we choose manufacturers who meet our requirements, are used worldwide, adhere to the principles of recovery and balanced cost-effectiveness in their production and delivery of materials.

We choose water transport for the delivery of materials as a mode of transport with less impact on the environment.

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